A fresh, fun & inclusive brand for The Cowarehousing Community

Tradestars is a place for making, creating, trading and connecting in London. We were tasked with creating a brand that presents a fresh, fun, inclusive and creative aesthetic. Although the space’s offer great facilities and inspire people to be part of something new and exciting, it’s the people who work at Tradestars that makes you special, their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. This was the inspiration behind The Cowarehousing Community theme.

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What we did

Brand Design that encapsulates the Cowarehousing Community.

We were involved from the very start of the branding journey, creating the brand name and developing the look and feel of Tradestars that would be rolled out into the venues themselves. The bold logo aims to bring through the idea of the warehouse that Tradestars is based.  Dynamic typography, fresh colours, vibrant stars and building shapes housing imagery complete the visual language of the brand.

Helping the creators of tomorrow with a future proofed brand guidelines.

We created a fully-fledged brand guideline document to define rules that help  Tradestars keep a solid consistent brand when using third party companies to produce brand assets. The integration of the name and spaces within the brand aim to keep everything super connected but still allow for evolution as the brand builds and grows.

Incredibly colourful & flexible layouts

Tradestars offer a vast amount of amenities for their community. The website presents this super clearly in a vast amount of engaging & flexible layouts. We also created a custom booking form for creators to get in touch with ease.

Expanding the brand into the physical realm

The base of Tradestars is within each location. Although a digital first company, we needed to create brand assets that fill their spaces with a recognisable look and feel, always aligned to the main Tradestars brand. Each location contains a coffee shop, podcast studio as well as all of the individual studio spaces for the community.

Continuing the journey

As Tradestars evolves and grows we we create a bespoke branding environment for each new location that is built. Keeping a strong link to the main brand as an anchor, but bringing through local ideas and creativity to give each location its individuality and voice.

Next up

DOCUMENT: A Modular Construct. Bristol’s premier creative hub, music venue and art space.