A colour explosion for this community orientated Co-live & Work company

Outpost create beautiful co-work and co-live locations in Bali and beyond. Their original site was dull, a pain to update and had issues with the booking system. We looked under the hood and developed a new strategy and workflow to get people booking up quickly and easily. All whilst bringing though the new colourful brand.

What we did
UI / UX / Development /

Powerful, custom booking expereince

Through our extensive user experience research phase we discovered the issues currently bugging the site and causing confusion in the offering of Outpost and the booking. We updated the site structure and content to make the booking journey as simple as possible. Creating distinct routes between coliving or coworking purchases.

Must see locations

We built a new image heavy locations menu system. Giving users an instant idea of how fantastic and beautiful each location Outpost creates is. Each location page was then themed in the various brand colours to give each locations its own bespoke look and feel.

Telling Stories

With the type of inspiring offering that Outpost offers we wanted to focus on the people who had visited and become part of their community. Their voice is super powerful is selling what Outpost does and helps people get a greater understand of what to expect.

Promoting team adventures

As part of the Outpost offering they wanted to appeal more to teams wanting a group retreat. We ripped up what the previous site presented and made a much more interactive and informative offering on the page to help bring to life what happens each day on a group retreat.

Next up

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