A new festival of Ideas and Music

Kite Festival is building a new type of festival. Equal parts Music and Conversation. We needed to bring through the idea of these two equal parts. We used the strong blue and orange palette to create a themed system for the music and talks.

Universal Live
What we did
UX / UI / Design /

Interactivity as Standard

We wanted to bring through an exciting user experience through the use of hover effects to showcase artist imagery and content.

Powerful filtering

With the two main offerings of the festival being live performances and talks we needed to make sure these two sides were easily filtered. Not only by main category, but also date, time and sub categories. All whilst adhering to the strong split brand colour aesthetic.

An Editorial Approach

We wanted the site to feel more like a news, magazine wesbite than just a music festival. The design is clean and overtly modular, allowing articles and content to be the stars of the show.

Next up

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