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A pristine, creative and inventive brand, an incredible event, powered by Kickstarter, featuring artists, writers and thinkers from around the world. Kite is a brand new festival for a brand new decade – with incredible music and breakthrough ideas in a unique programme of live performances and interactive discussions. Having the chance to work on the website with Neapolitan Music and Tortoise was a real treat.

KITE Festival
What we did
UX / UI / Development /

Subtle transitions and delicate touches

The site is reinforced through subtle interactions, transitions and animations, delicately balanced through negative space. We created a sophisticated, confident and creative home for the festival online, allowing people to browse artists and information with carefree enjoyment.

Project Simply’s interpretation of the KITE brand, in its infancy, and the application of that brand through smart UX has delivered a stripped back platform that encourages the user to explore the new format festival.
Joe Elkins, U-live

Super fast, super chill

So many images, video and sound can make a site sluggish, but not with our hosting. We launched to a big announcement, a big spike, so we needed to make sure it was built great, and on super fast, festival oriented hosting.

We code sensibly, and with care and craft, to make sure our sites are lightweight and powerful regardless of complication and elaboration.

Flexible segments

We designed Kite out of a large collection of easy-to-adapt, fully customisable modular segments, so the team have the ultimate power to create, curate and modify all their pages with ease. They can also easily roll out notifications, popups, holding pages and landing pages without the need for any further development work on our side.

The site is ready to evolve and be modified throughout the marketing life cycle of the event, all the way through to post event announcements.

The creative process we’ve undertaken with the team will strongly influence how we present the event in the wider digital space, beyond the website itself.
Joe Elkins, U-Live

Built with Plot for Music Festivals

Kite is built using our very own Content Management System for festivals and events — Plot.

It’s a system we’ve built for the industry having worked on so many projects over the years. It gives us the ultimate power to roll out festival and event websites super fast, and move budgets to where they matter- super hot, unique landing pages, dedicated tickets pages, and beautiful brand aesthetics.

Let’s talk about Plot if you want? Give us a call. We always want to work on the next amazing festival.

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