A new bold website and brand evolution for this student focused marketing company.

Raptor came to us as their current site was awkward to manage and didn’t show of the scope of work they produce. Although they liked their brand it felt slightly dated and wasn’t optimised for digital use.

What we did
Branding / UI / UX / Developemnt /

Branding for the digital age

The current brand for Raptor didn’t offer the kind of flexibility and styling they needed for their digital focussed marketing. We evolved the logo, expanded the colour and created a new fresh look and feel. As part of the refresh we also created a suite of social media post templates and built up a set of slid brand rules to use across digital and print platforms.

An elivated online experience

Raptor wanted to present their experience and expertise in a new and easy to manage way. We build a fully flexible CMS with lots of content options for them to present case studies, each with its on colour theme.

A hub for news and Insights

Raptor arn’t just a marketing company, they are experts in their field and wanted to showcase not only what they have been up to at the events they create, but also their own research into the student world. Our bespoke insights section created this hub for the research they undertook. Not only was it super informative but it also looked well cool too!

Next up

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