An aspirational website for these Spanish coliving pioneers

Flipco Living approached us at the early stage of their business, before the name had even been decided, which is an exciting time to be involved, when ideas are fresh and the canvas is blank. We wanted to create a website that proved Flipco’s aims of being progressive and disruptive within the apartment letting industry, upending expectations with incredible design aesthetics and a technological focus.

Flipco Living
What we did
UI / UX / Development / Animations /

A bespoke enquiry system created from scratch

At the heart of the Flipco website is a complex search and booking system that helps visitors find and apply for the perfect room. We built a variable pricing engine that determines rental costs based on the type of enquiry, and a simple to use webform designed to help explain to the visitor the types of rooms and contracts that are available to them throughout the booking process.

We’ve designed this site with phone screens in mind, and our booking flows are created to make finding and applying for rooms super simple on small screens, despite the large amount of options and information provided along the way.

Multi-language from day one

While Flipco Living is currently offering rooms in apartments in Spain, a lot of the potential customers are English language speakers, and therefore we needed to provide a system that lets our client update and manage their site in multiple languages from the off.

Built using WordPress, Flipco utilises a custom implementation of WordPress Multi-language, allowing auto-detection of language based on browser preferences to present the correct version of the site for the visitor in question. We put in place a collection of admin improvements to make sure managing the multi-language content was as simple and intuitive as possible, keeping admin time to a minimum.

Branded movement design

The Flipco Living brand is lively, vibrant and playful, and so we wanted to create a website that continued this aesthetic in all its movement and layout. We spent time creating custom animations, interactions and scroll effects to create a site that springs to life as you navigate.

We created a custom Javascript animation library from scratch for this one, allowing intricate, precise animations to occur within a timeline based on the spacial position of elements within the scroll. This system allows for complex animations on touch devices as well as desktop, providing a rich, exciting experience for visitors regardless of their screen size.

Evolution through continual improvement

Successful projects are borne out of long term relationships, and this project is no different. Having launched in December 2020, we now work month by month putting in place new improvements to the website based on user interaction and business requirements, helping shape the site and encourage more and more enquiries from potential customers month by month.

Built to grow and expand

The Flipco Living website offers rooms in apartments in Madrid at present as the business is in its first start-up phase. However, through a series of workshops we have spent time designing a website that’s designed to expand over time.

The website is ready to have apartments in different cities and different countries. The search engine is designed to expand without the need for additional development. Inner pages are built out of modular elements so information can grow and evolve as soon as they need to.

We build sites that look to the future, and are ready to grow as your business grows.

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