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Flipco Living provide homes and communities in some of the most exciting cities in the world. Their mantra is shaped around the idea that good living is about connections.

Connections with your neighbours, your community and your culture. With a stunning, progressive brand identity, we had the great task to bring this to life with an experimental, adventurous website, designed around the concept of connections and collaborations.

Flipco Living
What we did
UX / UI / Animations / Development /

A magical custom scroll experience

We were eager to create a unique scrolling experience for visitors to the Flipco Living website, so built an animation library from scratch that allowed for unique, performant triggered scroll animations.

This helped create an immersive atmosphere, filled with excitement, playfulness and adventure.

A multi-faceted property search

At the heart of the website sits a bespoke search engine, helping visitors find the right property for them, analysing their activity on the website and providing results best suited to them through an intelligent algorithm.

Through all the custom features and progressive identity, it was important for us to create a search facility that was intuitive and effortless to use, browse apartments, and apply.

Animation, interaction, and touch events are as important to a cohesive brand as look and feel. Graphics can create a scene- interaction can make you feel like you're living in it.
Michael Watson - Creative Director
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