A creative experience for the incredible Agile Studios

Agile Studios are an award-winning creative studio of animators, film directors, producers, strategists and creative directors. They specialise in mixed media and design to create¬†distinctive and memorable work for the world’s most exciting brands.

We were so excited to begin work on a new, exciting showreel focused site that helped celebrate their jaw-dropping collection of outstanding work.

Agile Studio
What we did
UX / UI / Development /

A freeform collage of creativity

We wanted to create the idea that the website was a barrage of creativity thrown towards your brain, so we created lots of moving elements in unique, organic layouts that slide around and come to life as your browse.

Agile Studio’s work is incredible- creative, exciting, innovative and fun, and we wanted to make sure the website gave users the same experience as their outstanding output.

Custom video players and engagements

We built full screen, minimal video players with unique controls, designed to be slick and almost invisible when needed, so the user never gets distracted from the incredible work in from of their faces.

Modular and adaptable

This site is built for the longhaul – ready to expand as the portfolio grows. We established a rich, freeform articles area called PLAY, where items can be added into a 3d, slippy, peculiar world for users to browse through and engage.

The admin area was built from scratch, designed to allow for any types of content to be added, and for rich, longform articles to be created showcasing key pieces of work.

Next up

Field Day: A brand new location; an amazing new lineup