Agile create mind-bogglingly creative animations and so we needed to make a site that oozed with smooth animations and interactions.

Working with other creative collectives is always a treat. We get to create a beautiful site that showcases outstanding work, and play around with progressive, adventurous ideas along the way. The people at Agile Studio wanted a playful, inspirational site that looked and felt as good as the work they produce. Pretty much a dream brief.

Agile Studio
What we did
Design / Development / Animation /

Smooth, incredibly smooooth scrolling

We knew we’d need a custom type of scrolling experience for this site- something that felt rich and velvety, and also gave us an opportunity to play around with interesting animations as the user scrolls and create a unique and entertaining experience. We wrote a custom scroll Javascript system from scratch for this, one that allows timeline animation and sophisticated scroll control, to give the whole site a unique, tactile quality.

Custom video players & cursors

We wanted every aspect of the site to feel bespoke, so we designed some custom, minimal video players and designed an animated, interactive mouse cursor system that allowed us to play around with the very core of interactivity on the web.

Performance is key on such feature rich sites

It was incredibly important for us to make sure we had a site that loaded fast and without a hiccup, even though the site is filled to the brim with video and imagery. We built a custom lazy loading script that delivers video and imagery only when needed, and delivers custom sized media too, so you only get the file size you need, regardless of the device you visit on.

Next up

Park Life: Animated spaceships, hotdogs, Stephen Gerrard and creepies