A Modular Construct. Bristol’s premier creative hub, music venue and art space.

DOCUMENT is a new multi-use venue based in Bristol. We were tasked with building a new identity for them that looked at the origins of the venue and brought it forward with the modular nature of the business and interior look and feel.⁠

What we did

A modular website build for flexibility

DOCUMENT contains several spaces within the venue each with their own focus and target market. The website needed to present this super clearly, using a tailoring branding system and targeted filtering to help people the exact space that is perfect for their needs.

Individual space branding

We devised the naming properties for each space based on the history of the venue and their current format. The spaces in DOCUMENT vary from massive blank canvasses used for large scale events through to open plan co-working spaces, and temporary office spaces. Each space’s sub-brand took aspects from each space to build up the modular icon and colour assigned to the individual spaces. This allowed us to target sectors and potential clients with a consistent branded look and feel.

A fully formed brand delivery

As with all our branding projects we create a bespoke brand guide covering all rules and application guidance for all brand assets. This allows the client to pass their brand to other third party creative agencies confident that they have the tools at hand to build up consistent creative.

Venue ready branding

Our branding built up a visual language, not only for the main DOCUMENT brand, but also developed sub-branding for each individual space. The building itself with it’s original features and historical story told the story of the brand itself. Elements found within each room we’re deconstructed and expanded out to deliver a single concise brand.

Next up

Platf9rm: Reimagining a co-working venue with power, colour and thought.