This showreel of incredible talent deserved a video player experience as creative as the work on display

We’ve been lucky at Project Simply to work with other hubs of immense talent over the years, and none has given us quite as much joy and excitement as Mindeseye Studio.

They represent a collective of some of the most amazing videographers around, and making a showreel style site that showcases their amazing work was a right blast.

What we did
UX / UI / Interactions / Development /

Designed to let people sit back and enjoy

The sheer size of Mindseye’s collective work is vast, and we wanted to create a site that sits back, neutral and quiet, allowing people to browse in peace, watch incredible videos, and naturally navigate around similar and recommended content.

We built a custom JS video player with a simple algorithm in the background, that autoplays content based on their viewing habits and encourages people to get a full understanding of the talent in front of them.

A unique, playful index of directors

We wanted a technique to display all the directors within Mindseye’s collective, so we designed a playful, interactive, slip slidey list of names that people can browse and have some fun with too.

We wanted a mixture of minimalism and flamboyance, with courageous mouse gestures and interactions that don’t interfere with the content that we wish people to watch, but instead augment their experience and create a fluid, creative, unique vibe for the content to shine out from.

A complex and interweaving library, demystified

Organising their vast array of content into a simple to manage admin experience proved a really great challenge to take on.

We created some innovative listing and tagging systems, allowing the Mindseye team to easily manage their directors, their video content, and a lattice work of overlapping categories that helps power the simple algorithm for suggested content on the website.

The admin area is built for the longterm, ready to expand up and grow as the collective grows and content becomes deeper and richer over time.

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