Reawakening a long lost part of the city

Depot Mayfield might be the best thing to happen to Manchester’s nightlife since the 80s. It was great to be able to be a part of the big launch, by building and designing the idiosyncratic new website that showcases the spaces and events that take place within them.

Depot Mayfield
What we did
UX / UI / Development /

Two worlds together

An oldy world train travel theme, transformed into a modern context, with gorgeous, stark imagery overlaid with block colours, creates a brand that harks back to the history of Mayfield and the language of the architecture of the area, but looks onward, to the digital, progressive future of an area that is the focal point for the New Manchester of the roaring 20s, filled with life, creativity and opportunity.

Pick a date, any date

Events calendars can be a real pain, especially on a phone. We built a cool, effortless system for people to find shows, without any disruption or frustration.

Interconnected, modular, reusable

The site is designed to be extremely modular and flexible. Ready for anything. A series of 12 key template parts were designed, all interlocking and compatible with each other, to help create a fluid, expandable publishing platform that allows the Depot team to create infinite combinations of unique layouts.

Next up

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