Rebranding our favourite NQ cafe bar

It’s so great to have a chance to work on the rebrand of a real Manchester music institution, and they don’t come much more packed with Manchester music history as Night and Day; our favourite NQ cafe bar. When we were approached to look at a rebrand and new website, we got super giddy — to be a part of the next stage of Night and Day’s amazing offering to our city. 

Night and Day
What we did
Branding / UI / Development / Print Design /

We ran a series of workshops with the team to hear their passions, goals and aims, and how they wanted to push N&D into the new decade. Their old brand was tired and out of sync with their aesthetic and ideals.

Our goal was very clear – let’s look at the roots of why Night and Day exists, what it stands for, what it means, and to make a new identity that celebrates and justifies.

Capturing the essence

We created a warm, timeless, inviting and effortlessly cool brand identity that matches the physical space they have crafted. We then got to work applying this brand through new food menus, gig listings, fliers, social media assets and beer glasses to create a lovely unified identity wherever you look.

Night and Day lives in a beautiful building on an iconic Manchester road, and we were eager to include this external identity, front and centre on the website.

So we filmed a 24 hour time lapse video (from night to day, get it?), capturing the moments of this special place as it transforms from cafe to bar to venue and back again.

A brand new website for 2020

The new Night & Day website is a celebration of the venue and its magnificent story, filled with shapes, animations and colours. We celebrate the past, and promote the future.

And it’s all housed in those warm tones that imbue the timeless happiness you feel propped up at the bar listening to your favourite live music on a Friday night.

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