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Second Home create the most inspirational, jaw dropping workspaces in the world. They deserve a website that helps celebrate them in all their glory, and match in terms of attention to detail, quality and beauty.

As lovers of design, architecture, shared cultural experiences, houseplants and mid-century furniture, this became a dream job for us.

We began the project in early 2019, with a goal to bring their buildings to life through a website that sings- pushing their cultural output to the forefront, alongside their love of outstanding architecture and biophilia.

Second Home
What we did
UX / UI / Development / Animation /

A celebration of creativity

Second Home encourages creativity and the sharing of ideas, and this project became a reflection of these ideals.

We were given the chance to experiment and come up with unique and memorable ways to present information, with playful, carefully crafted interactions and delicious animations throughout.

Landing pages with distinct character

The website contains a series of mini-sites, with each Second Home location having its own landing page, theme and atmosphere, from London to Lisbon to Hollywood.

A Cultural Publish Platform

We created a publishing platform for articles and featurettes to help promote the amazing cultural output of Second Home in long form, video and podcast.

Not just a pretty face, the site is also powerful behind the scenes- hooked up to Eventbrite, Salesforce and Timekit, the website is interconnected, powerful and the hub of Second Home’s marketing activity.

Next up

Ashgate Hospice: Delivering a complex, multi-functional, highly accessible website for an outstanding hospice.