Manchester’s biggest and best music festival.

We’ve worked with Parklife for over 5 years, rolling out new websites each year, in all their multi-colour, sensory overload bananas glory. The websites play a huge part in the Park Life promo cycle and each year lineup announcements and ticket sales need to be broadcast on the site in all their glory. We also create mini-sites for pre-registration, early bird tickets, secret perks and post-event thank you pages. 

What we did
Design / Development / Animation / Hosting /

A pile of creative adventure

Fuelled by the magnificent illustration work of Studio Moross, we’ve animated spaceships, hotdogs, pyramids, Arsene Wenger with laser beams coming out of his eyes, post-apocalyptic hellscapes and creepy fingers galore over the years.

We worked with Project Simply on Park Life. They are a pleasure to work with and they deliver high spec, great performing work.
Rob Masterson

Powerful Festival Hosting

We have a bespoke hosting set up for music festivals to handle heavy traffic launches and mega announcement spikes and keep things super fast. Our hosting is scalable, powerful, and ready for anything. Even if it’s 500,000 page views in an hour.

Quick fast please

Despite being so image and animation heavy, we built smart and intelligently, so all the pages load super fast, no matter what.

It’s really important, on the launch of a site of this magnitude, despite the bombastic fanfare, that it’s still incredible easy to navigate, you can get to the key areas immediately, and nothing feels confusing or frustrating for a visitor, especially during that frantic launch day. We’ve worked hard over the years to perfect the UX of these event sites, and have the perfect recipe for shareable, memorable brand atmosphere, mixed with easy to use sites for all devices.

Built with Plot

Parklife is built using our very own Music Festival Management System Plot. It’s a system we’ve built for the festival industry having worked on so many projects over the years. It gives us the power to roll out music festival websites super quick, and reposition budgets to where they matter- glorious, unique landing pages, dedicated tickets pages, and beautiful brand aesthetics. 

If you have a music festival, we should probably have a chat about Plot and then we should work together. We’d love that.

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