The time of the month… Music websites.

This month our Senior Designer Rob checks out what’s hot online in the music world. Having been focusing our creative attention on the music and events industry with some of the recent projects we have been working on, we thought what a better place to begin our regular inspiration blog on the music industry.

Look into my eyes

1. Adult Swim – Singles

For what is essentially a side scrolling website with some autoplaying audio. Adult swim has been drinking the Kool-Aid when it comes to the animations and illustrative design. Chintzy ornamental wall hanging animals are given a metallic and cold isometric texture, with psychedelic hypnotic eyes. Non of this makes sense, and nor should it.

No need to dye when grey is this hot

2. Shallou

This one page website is pretty low on content, but what is does have is a silky smooth scroll and cool AF 3D glasses glitch effect on the images as you scroll up and down. Typography is super boomed up. Some might say this is really good accessibility practise, I say it looks blummin’ swish.

A large festival doing a good job, finally.

3. Roskilde Festival

We have been collaborating on a number of music festival websites so I’ve seen quite a few in my time now. More than not where large scale music festivals are involved their websites can be visually very poor. It’s normally the smaller festivals that push the creativity. The new Roskilde Festival update for 2019 has done the best design job for a large festival I have seen, they have used some hip typographical design with outlines and large headlines and although built on a grid system the content has a structured yet hap hazard approach which I kinda like the vibe of.

Wavvvvvyyy garms

4. Takahisa Mitsumori

A tour de force in monochromatic design. Each track is displayed using its waveform which then animates when clicked in tandem with the rest of the viewport to create a full screen visualiser.

The good ol’ days

5. Britney OS ’99

Don’t know what to say about this one. Is this a bit wrong? Just gonna leave it here and forget that it exists.