A powerful new web project for Printworks London

Printworks London is one of the most astounding event space in the city and hosts some of the greatest nights on the planet.

The atmosphere created in that industrial, murky old printing plant is indelible, and it is so inspiring to work on a website to help promote the huge amount of monumental events that take place there throughout the season.

Printworks London
What we did
UX / UI / Development /

Grainy, foggy, dystopian greyscale murk-photography and stark monochromatic shapes and lines. What an adventure to work with the Printworks brand to make a startlingly stark website that exudes cool.

We made completely customisable landing pages for events

Massive, customisable event pages that feel like websites in their own right sit at the heart of this project, powered by a Project Simply created events management system, to easily allow the Printworks team to update and run their show listings without hassle.

Modular design all the way

The site is designed to be modular and flexible. Ready for anything.

A series of 12 key template parts were designed, all interlocking and compatible with each other, to help create a pliant publishing platform that allows the Printworks team to create infinite combinations of unique layouts.

Next up

Mamma Mia! The Party: An interactive digital experience for the greatest pop group in history