Social Media Marketing – A Primer

It’s everywhere! Your friend does it, even your dad does it – but what is it exactly?

Well, at the very basic level, social media is a powerful platform for communication.  Like traditional media, it allows people to communicate and, if approached sensibly can offer the following benefits:

  • Enhanced speed of communication
  • Wider audience reach
  • Greater flexibility
  • Clearer visibility

This ability to communicate much more effectively is multiplied when used in conjunction with current technologies such as smart phones, laptops and tablets to name just a few.  These devices can offer instant access to information, anywhere and at anytime.

Social networking platforms form the core of the social media revolution.  These platforms, which include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, can all offer accelerated ways of communicating, whether in a social, business or consumer context.

  • As a business, these social networking tools can offer extra channels in which to communicate with both existing and prospective consumers, allow consumers to communicate with you and can provide unlimited business networking for yourself and your employees.
  • As a consumer, being kept updated on new information and products can be invaluable.
  • As a social user, utilising social networking tools can offer unlimited ways of connecting with like-minded people, educating oneself researching information and staying in touch with friends and family.

To get the most from social media your company will need to put into place an effective social media strategy.

Firstly, it is important to understand that any kind of social media strategy will be a long-term commitment.

Secondly, you should identify some goals, a set of milestones you wish to get out of social media.

Some example goals could be:

  • I want to increase awareness of a particular product or service
  • I would like to increase the number of people visiting my website
  • I wish to provide another channel through which customers can contact my business

Once you have some clear goals, you can start to implement them.

Whatever your goals, expectations and level of social media knowledge, it is worth seeking the advice of the professionals.

Digital marketing agencies will be able to put together a bespoke social media strategy that is tailored towards your industry, goals, target audience and budget.

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