Project Simply Wall Mural Timelapse

It’s been a while since we started the new adventure in our new office space here in the upper levels of the Sharp Project, as a brand new home we were excited to start making it more “ours” as it was a blank canvas ready to be created. That is why among many other tasks that we had of personalising and customising our office, we decided to create an art mural on our wall, so here is a time-lapse that we have made of the actual process of creation.

mural2The piece by itself measures about 3×4,5m approximately and it was made with ‘POSCA’ pens in black and sky blue, it took about 4 days (around 32 hours) to complete from scratch concept to final touches; previously the design was sketched out on paper to have a basic idea of what it was going to look like once it was on the wall.


We wanted to have something that we wouldn’t get tired of looking at in the first week, that’s why we decided to go for something that’s not quite figurative as objects or characters as we will be looking at this wall every day, so I thought that having a Psychedelic style illustration would suit perfectly for that purpose as every one of us has their own vision and interpretation of the illustration, so it will always be fun to look at!

Although we were very happy with the original sketch piece and everything was ready to start painting on the wall, whilst creating the piece some subtle changes were made “live” on the process of creation in certain elements, all to give the wall a nice flow and style through the whole piece.

So here is the time-lapse video that we created, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did creating it!

Project Simply Mural Wall from atipyka on Vimeo.