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Parklife Festival: How we built a website to sell 50,000 tickets

Half a million hits in the first day, 50,000 tickets sold through web, 30% increase in social shares and a 35% increase in on-site engagement. Our happy client launched their website on brand, on time and on budget.

Parklife festival, you may have heard of it. A relatively quiet affair tucked away in Heaton Park, Manchester catering for a variety of music tastes and experiences. Ok.. we will stop being modest now.

Manchester’s greatest festival suffered the usual management issues that lead to decision paralysis, the worry of escalating budgets and working with people that weren’t quite “getting it”. Some of Parklife’s main issues were:

    • They don’t understand my audience
      • Previously, they had felt frustrations with agencies
        that didn’t quite understand the way in which they market and sell to the typical festival goers
    • They think we have millions to spend
      • Parklife had strict budgets in place that gave little room for error wasted time/effort.
    • We haven’t got time to get it wrong
      • They had to deal with lots of people on a day to day basis regarding all aspects of the creative promotional process including booking agents and 3rd party ticketing websites.
    • Where has everyone gone?
      • They had worked previously with agencies where they felt overlooked and underappreciated, particularly when it came to confident open communications channels.

We designed and built a mind-bending colourful part of a website to promote Manchester’s finest festival that was filled with little animations and beautiful interactions, all leading the user to the sign up and ticket purchase options.

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