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Parklife Festival:
Collaborative success for the past 4 years


We’ve been working with Parklife for the past four years, which is testament to the excellent working relationships we build with our clients. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some great people on this project including Mustard Media and Studio Moross, as well as the team at Parklife. Over the years we have worked closely with all partners to make sure that the festival, from a digital perspective, ran as seamlessly as possible.


How do you add value to a festival that already sells out year on year? Our remit was to create an experience that not only allowed users to quickly and easily review the lineup and buy tickets, but also create a standout design that would get tonnes of love on social, as well as industry recognition.

Behind the scenes – there is always room for simplification and improvement. We find ourselves working with a number of frustrated clients who have sites that are difficult to manage, update and populate – so we aim to provide websites with a content management system as seamless and beautiful as the designs we deliver, and also provide technical support as required.

What we did

Whilst our remit somewhat changed from year to year, depending on which partners we teamed up with, we always helped solidify a creative and technical direction; working together to make sure that what we wanted to accomplish creatively could be realised technically, whilst maintaining a slick user experience.

We worked closely with the illustrators, creating a mind-blowing party on a page of a website, that would work beautifully across all devices and loaded gloriously fast. We developed Parklife using our bespoke Festival system, Plot – which meant we could develop to very tight deadlines, as well as handing back all administrative control of the website. The guys at Parklife  were able to launch the site themselves and continue to change pages, layouts, and various content releases without any help from us.

From zero to Parklife in 2 weeks; Using our project flow design process and our event CMS we can drastically reduce production time.

Experience in the festival sector has provided us with the tools and feedback to create a very flexible, premium system with features that will continue to make the design build and management of the website even more seamless.

The Parklife website gets hit with huge amounts of traffic at various points in its lifecycle – so we provided technical support to help troubleshoot and spec out a robust hosting solution that would give the team peace of mind that the site would stay fast, wouldn’t crash or go down through the sheer weight of concurrent website users at peak times.

Using Plot, the Parklife team were able to launch and manage the website themselves.

The Outcomes

We are proud to have worked alongside Parklife and have developed a relationship that has seen the client return year on year. Together, we created something spectacular that garnered so much positive feedback across the industry and via social, whilst delivering on time, on brief and on budget.


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