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Lights All Night Festival:
Creating the best Dance club brand across the USA


Scott and his team had been running their successful dance music event ‘Lights All Night’ for a number of years, but felt that the digital creative and the website didn’t do the event justice. His aim was to make the digital experience as vivacious, colourful and immersive as the live event, and he had seen some of the work we had been doing with others. Sparks flew and we were excited to help Scott create a stand out digital experience.

Working with PS was great! Considering we are on different sides of the world, the communication was effortless.



We were tasked with coming up with the new creative direction of the website, working closely with an external illustrator as well as designing and building a standout experience, that was head and shoulders above the competition. The goals of the website were to wow users, give them a quick indication of why they should buy a ticket, and them allow them to purchase quickly and easily.

Project Simply was able to easily take our idea and make it a reality, in a short amount of time. All of the processes, in terms of proofs and revisions, were painless and very efficient. In addition to this, our website never had a single issue in terms of functionality or usability.


What we did

We began with a visual brand exercise that involved evolving the look and feel, logos and font selection, to better reflect the brand tone of voice. From there we worked closely with the Lights All Night team and their external illustrator, and creative directed the theme and the overall aesthetic for the event.

We designed and built an engaging and vibrant website, that worked harmoniously across all devices, using our bespoke festival web framework Plot, that helps us create frictionless event and venue websites that are easy to build, edit and manage. This allowed the team at Lights All Night to manage the digital experience quickly and efficiently, from initial launch right through to thank you pages.

The Outcomes

The new creative direction and website were greeted with real love by both the owners and fans, with social shares up over 15% and on-site engagement level up on previous years. The event was a massive success and we are now looking forward to working with Scott and his team on their 10 year anniversary site.

We’ve worked with several companies over the years. A lot of times our vision just hasn’t been translated the way we wanted. And that is simply due to the fact that the other teams just didn’t have the expertise or creative ability that Project Simply does.


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