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Field Day Festival:
Turning a strong brand into a beautiful digital experience


Field Day is one of the strongest festival brands in the UK. As such, there is an expectation from its fans to be constantly on the cutting edge of design and innovation. Its old website had become a little dated, was beginning to slow-load, and just wasn’t quite reflective of the brand and festival kudos. We were brought in to make sure the fans were wowed from here on after.

Our client explained their challenge to us with the existing site from an internal POV – the marketing team were finding the content management system glitchy, very slow to edit and really time consuming to make updates. With a festival site, we understand how regularly the information changes, needs updating, and how fast the ticket cycle moves – so simplicity is key for the team.

PS are extremely helpful, no task is too big or too small and there is always a solution for everything. Project Simply think functionally but also lives and breathes standout design.



Our remit was to create a new and improved experience for the festival goer and the client marketing team, using the current brand, that allowed users to quickly and seamlessly review the lineup, and make quick and easy decisions to purchase tickets. We also needed to create something that was really going to give Field Day a standout look, feel and function and save time that was being spent unnecessarily to update the existing site.

What we did

Working alongside the festival managers at Field Day and using their suite of brand assets, we provided art direction on initial ideas and themes. Using our expertise, we designed the website mobile-up, making sure that not only was it on brand visually, but also that that the user experience and flows were seamless and intuitive.

We developed the Field Day site using Plot –  a system that we built inhouse to create event and venue websites that are easy to build, edit and manage – this made the development and deployment process a breeze. It also meant the team at Field Day were able to manage and update major parts of the website, hide and launch content, as well as creating their own landing pages on the fly, with ease.

Working with PS has been a breath of fresh air from start to finish! Friendly team, efficient, organised, creative, helpful and fast.


The Outcomes

Field Day looked beautiful and was really fast-loading on desktop and mobile. Their team saw a huge internal change with the Plot content management system saving them time, effort and team training resource. We’ve seen high engagement rates across the website,  fostered a great close working relationship, and the team at Field Day have reported that Plot saved up to 50% of their internal time.

We offer continued support, but the in-house team now have the ability to change and manage the website independently, all the way through the digital festival process. The success of this site led to further work and referrals from the client to implement Plot across other festival and venue websites.

Having complete trust with the team is great! The project has been seamless.


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