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Developing our own take on the England Football Kit

It appears that when it comes around to a major football tournament, everyone jumps on the band wagon; creating content with spurious links to the Football in an attempt to get likes, shares and comments.

“9 Ways HR Managers Can Learn From The Success Of Jordan Henderson’s Midfield Leadership” and the usual “How To Survive The World Cup If You’re A Non-Football Fan” are two of the types of headings you are likely to see over the next few weeks.

Naturally we wanted to also get involved in the Football Hype but not by mimicking one of those loosely related links to show you how much of an industry influencer we are… but we just wanted to create something that’s actually.. a bit cool.

Which football fan didn’t design their own kit at least once in their life?! Here’s our take on an uplifted design of the England Football Kit… and who knows it might be a basis for the European Championships in 2020 with that cheeky extra star in there!

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