London's alternative festive experience

The wonderful team at Winterville were looking for a brand new website and brand dynamic that best reflected the huge range of novel attractions on offer. There’s a roller disco, a crazy golf course, a circus, a craft fair, and a backyard cinema, just to name a few. Their old site was clunky and bit of a pain to update, and they wanted something cool and fun to use, but also easy to update and modify throughout the promotional period. We connected in 2017 and have been working together ever since.

What we did
Illustration / UI / UX / Development / Print /

A huge scaffolding neon sign

Our illustration team worked on a hero graphical concept to be used in digital and print, showing an alt-world Americana filled with neon signage, rust and bolts.

Superimposed upon Christmas themes, with pine trees, the Northern Lights and snow, we created a weird twilight zone festive world, perfect to represent the alternate acts and attractions.

Experiential, digital and print design

We create billboards, fliers, posters and assets for articles in publications for promotion. We also created asset packs for signage at the event, internal documents and partner brochures.

Powerful, colourful and lightning fast

The website was a festive gem, glistening and effulgent. Despite being so image and animation heavy, we built smart and intelligently, so all the pages loaded super fast, no matter what. We prepared a powerful website ready for the intense spikes of traffic once announced.

Next up

VAPOURA: A rich, refined spirit born from a distinctly English soul.