A series of websites for Salford's museums, leisure centres, gyms and libraries

We’ve worked with Salford Community Leisure for a number of years, working on a series of websites promoting their cultural activities and leisure facilities. Our goal was to create a unified, accessible network of sites that present information clearly to all users, while presenting each individual site with its own unique brand identity.

Salford Community Leisure
What we did
UX / UI / Development /

User experience design through collaboration

We began this project by running a series of UX workshops to better understand the needs of Salford Museum & Art Gallery. There’s a lot of decision makers, and a lot of different goals that these websites needed to achieve, so it was important to run a series of bespoke workshops that helped us understand the entire project and plan a design system that would work for everyone.

We created user stories, content matrices and wireframes focused around these key objectives, and created a new website plan that focused on the immediate goals, setting up a plan for constant, iterative improvements over time.

Integration with SCL's booking systems

Salford Community Leisure use Gladstone and Eventbrite for booking events, courses, lessons and gym sessions, so we created a system with automatic integration with these systems, so inventory, scheduling and event information could automatically sync between systems.

We began with research and workshops regarding their current offline and online booking flows and mapped out a system that required the minimum amount of admin time for the SCL team, and one that gave users a simple, unified booking experience throughout the website portfolio.

We found the whole team to be extremely pro-active in helping us reach our goal, encouraging us to develop ideas and offering solutions at each step of the process. They are responsive to our suggestions and our needs and react to solve issues quickly. Now we are live, our relationship has continued as we work with them to continuously work to improve the sites further, assisting us with content, social media integration and a variety of other solutions.
Dan Stribling, Marketing & Communications Manager

Advanced events listings

At the heart of the site sits an intelligent events listing system that allows people to easily see what’s upcoming in their area and to filter results around the type of activity they’re interested and the dates in which they’re available.

The site searches through all of the sites within the SCL website ecosystem and returns in one, easily navigable area.

The story continues

We provide ongoing creative design and development support and help steer the website collection into the future month by month. We designed with the future in mind, so when their portfolio grows, we add new pages, functionality and whole new sites into the network with ease.

We continually review site usage and improve UX by reacting to the behaviours of the visitors, so the site is in a constant state of improvement.

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