An epic Texan EDM NYE Extravaganza

It’s the longest-running EDM festival in Texas, set over NYE, featuring some of the largest artists in the world, for a massive celebration. We’ve worked on the creative direction and site design for 2018, 2019 and 2020, crafting a unique, idiosyncratic brand identity that’s filled with light, colour and adventure.

Lights All Night
What we did
UX / UI / Creative Direction / Development /

Let's ramp it up

The event is huge, in your face, and bombastic, so we needed to make sure the website was as powerful and bold as the event itself. We created a site filled with characters, shapes and animations that make the browsing experience electric.

Project Simply were able to easily take our idea and make it a reality, in a short amount of time. All of the processes, in terms of proofs and revisions, were painless and very efficient. In addition to this, our website never had a single issue in terms of functionality or usability.
Scott Osburn – Lights All Night

Powerful Festival Hosting

Despite being so image and animation heavy, we built smart and intelligently, so all pages load super fast, no matter what. Our Festival hosting provided instant, swift and performant pages, despite huge traffic spikes on launch.

Since using Project Simply we have seen an instant increase in social sharing of the website by more than 15%
Scott Osburn

Built with Plot for music festivals

Lights All Night  is built using our very own Music Festival Content Management System Plot. It’s a system we’ve built for the festival industry having worked on so many projects over the years. It gives us the power to roll out music festival websites super quick, and reposition budgets to where they matter- glorious, unique landing pages, dedicated tickets pages, and beautiful brand aesthetics. 

If you have a music festival, we should probably have a chat about Plot and then we should work together. We’d love that.

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