Blending heritage, design and culture under one roof

Blending heritage, design and culture under one roof, Exhibition London is a new impeccably restored Grade II listed building, space and venue for music, culture, corporate events and celebrations situated in the heart of White City and the Westfield development.

What we did

A vessel and a voice

Stencil typography and unique shapes make up the Exhibition brand, and together create a unique flowing site that helps sing its own song while still being able to sit quite neutral and not conflict with the many huge events that take place there.

Massive, customisable event pages that feel like websites in their own right, sit at the heart of this project, powered by an events management system to easily allow the Exhibition team to update and run their shows without hassle.

Chop and change, expand and contract

The site is designed to be modular and flexible. Ready for anything. A series of 12 key template parts were designed, all interlocking and compatible with one another, to help create a flexible publishing platform that allows the Exhibition team to create infinite combinations of unique layouts for all the events and showcases.

Next up

NASS Festival: Boards, Bikes & Beats