An easy to manage, content rich website redesign for non-profit, CHPCNY.

CHPCNY came to us as their current site was incredible difficult to administer. The site had been given lots of little updates and tweeks creating a disjointed and un-userfriendly experience. As part of the update they wanted to showcase there large breadth of publications, initiatives and event.

New York Citizens Housing Planning Council
What we did
UX / UI / Web Development /

Publications that are readible and engaging

Being the heart and soul of what CHPCNY is the publications needed to feel tactile and readable. We created a mockup layout to give publications a real world feel. Each publication can be read in a full screen reader, as if it were a paper document in front of you. All publications and initiatives have the ability to be tagged, allowing for connective initiatives to appear as related content within a publication.

Reimagining the brand

Although CHPCNY wanted the site to feel new and fresh, the brand wasn’t changing. Through our research we noticed that the brand had become unwieldily with lots of different type and stylings used. We went back to the heart of CHPCNY, the publications, and approached the website with the same consistency and illustrative approach used there.

Events. Front and Center.

Events are a key part of the fundraising drive for CHPCNY. There previous site wasn’t built to allow for custom events pages, each with different types of content structures and ticketing.

The new events pages have been customised themed, so each page can use the event flyer/poster in the hero to bring through a consistent look and feel.

History and Donations

Within the CHPCNY office there is an amazing archive of historical publications and initiatives. They wanted to showcase this page to give me visibility to what people could view. As part of the archive there is also a digitisation process being undertaken to present some of the more exciting publications online for the first time ever.

Through our custom donations system  CHPCNY can now easily receive online donations as part of their fundraising programme.

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