An Insight into the Secret World of Web Design

From the city that built the world’s first computer, it would seem obvious that Manchester continues to lead the way in digital innovation. As a Web Design Agency in Manchester, we’ve firmly found our place in this climate of creativity, producing effective and bespoke websites that are bursting with new ideas whilst remaining memorable. We’re in this for the long game. You won’t find Del Boy tactics, but rather a committed approach. We’re here for a long term investment in digital innovation, to nurture creativity and provide websites that perform on every level.

Plan to succeed

Gone are the days of successful sites being those with flashy animation and dancing gifs. Effective web design relies on research and planning based on understanding your users. Determining your goals and predicting how your users will attempt to complete these goals should shape the layout, key messaging and ultimately, the visuals. A successful site should look amazing at launch and then improve based on how people use it. Through careful analytical testing we can track the habits of your users and improve a site’s usability, engagement and ultimately, increase business.


So, let’s talk

We want to get to know you, your business, your audience and your objectives. We do this by setting up face to face meetings and creating highly visible project plans and communication channels. That’s a fancy way of saying, “we work as a team and invite you to join our web design agency”. We’ve removed superfluous levels of account management, meaning that you can talk to the people doing the work. We welcome your input and value your happiness throughout the project, not just at the end.

If you didn’t already know, the web is a crowded place. You need a site with a simple and clear message that stands out from the crowd. With the emergence of better technologies, we’re able to create, test and iterate graphic design with more speed and precision, achieving just that. If you’re not sure what message you should be sending, we’ll help you work that out too with our branding services.


What’s your problem?

Because ours is that we want to work with likeminded people, regardless of company size, so we’ve created a process that enables just that. We take real pride in seeing companies we believe in prosper and grow, enriching people’s lives in the process and building strong relationships. Ultimately, we love to meet businesses that have passion, drive and ambition by the bucket load, whatever the budget. Believe it or not, we’re not out to make a name for ourselves; we’re out to make a name for you!

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We refuse to cut corners, but are keen to reduce costs. Research, strategy and creativity are by far the most important parts of any web design and development job. So how do we reduce costs whilst retaining quality? Easy – our talented tech team have produced our very own front end framework. It allows us to drastically reduce development time, resulting in a quicker and more cost effective launch, without scrimping on the important stuff. And yes, our websites work everywhere and on any device. Don’t worry about that.

How do you measure success?

Remember those two guys that were both building houses? One built on the sand, the other on the rock. Only one stood the test of time. Our design agency success is determined by the strength of your foundations and maintenance. Here’s how we build our houses, I mean websites.

Research / Planning

We’ve already banged on about it but great web design really is underpinned by the level of data gathered and understanding that determines a strategy. We want to know you, your competitors and your customers. By identifying the ‘why’, we can formulate the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.


Our strategy encompasses site architecture, tone of voice, user interface design and web design, making a big impact on launch.



We create mood boards, UI flows, wireframes and web designs that deliver our pre agreed strategy. By using open source development framework, we ensure a smooth, fast and faultless delivery.


This is the maintenance. We don’t walk away when the site is launched. We use analytical toolsets to assess where the site is successful, where design needs improving and how effective your marketing campaign has been. We’re not ashamed to put our ideas to the test.