The magic of creative marketing

The real magic of successful marketing is that it’s not magic at all, but the result of good ideas born from careful testing and research. Sorry to disappoint. The good news is that we live in a world that is constantly changing and if you can embrace change, you can embrace new opportunities. We were born to create, to build and to advance. As a Branding Agency, we employ process and toolsets alongside imagination and originality to create marketing campaigns that invoke comment, generate followers, and ultimately, result in success.

Digital marketing agency dashboard

Put a ring on it

Marketing should take an integrated approach, marrying the offline with the online in a beautiful and complimentary relationship. Whilst there has been an explosion of online digital marketing, in truth, this doesn’t always suit every business as its main approach. Yes, you need an online presence, but this should be built at the right time and with the right velocity. An offline approach through profile building, referral techniques and introductions can work wonders to reach the right demographic or decision maker. Your digital presence should support the approach with continuity or provide the next steps for your audience. To determine the right approach for an effective creative marketing strategy, we start by identifying: the need, the solution, and the action.

Needs must

There’s a reason why the sound desk is not on stage with the band. The sound technician has to be able to identify with the audience – to know what they are hearing and what their needs are – not enough bass, too much vocal etc. He can then meet those needs effectively and provide a good experience. Ultimately, if you don’t know what your audience needs and why they need it you can’t market effectively to them. Our process of identifying your audience and their needs revolves around asking the right questions, covering who they are, the nature of their need and why it’s there. We then continue to delve, asking ‘What will happen if their need doesn’t get satisfied?’ ‘What does life look like when the need is satisfied?’

Satisfaction guaranteed

Together we have identified your audience, their need, and you have a solution to that need. And so, our questions continue. ‘How does your service or product address the clients’ need?’ ‘What proof do you have that it works?’ ‘When their need is met, how can they share this happy news with others?’ Having an audience who has engaged with your product and had their needs met is one level of success. Having that same audience share their experience with people who know and trust them is quite another!


Vision without action is daydream (Japanese proverb)

So, now we know what your audience want and why, and what you have to offer them. The result of which should be clear goals determined by this information. Digital goals could include making a purchase and checking out, offering a discount or a free trial. Offline referral and introductory based goals could be organising a meeting with an approach that puts you in a strong position to motivate your prospects to take the next step. Again we get out those marriage papers and put together a joined up approach. We combine strategy with a creative hook; something that’s going to grab the audience’s attention long enough to invoke a commitment to read, digest, click and engage.

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

Or, as we say, implement, test, refine and repeat. Ok, not quite as catchy, but this is the full creative digital marketing agency lifecycle and key to success. Without measuring what we’re doing we land in the murky world of assumption, potentially leading us down a dark and fruitless path. So, we test marketing success through engagement and usability. This means assessing click through rates and analysing on site engagement levels through clever heat mapping tools and conversion funnels. We then form hypotheses and create tests to compare the control (the original ad / design / copy) against the newer version. This might all sound a bit complicated and jargon laden, but we want to be transparent with our process and give you evidence for the strategy we suggest. Simply put, when we find a new approach is performing better, we update, begin analysis, hypotheses and repeat. Rave optional.

It’s more than just experience with our Digital Marketing Agency

Previous experience is sometimes a good place to start, but ultimately we believe in making improvements based on data. We encourage you to be led by your users, not by ‘expert opinion’, including our own. By using data you can not only improve the effectiveness of your marketing but also gain insights into what works and what doesn’t. Being user led means we can reduce spend in areas that are ineffective, whilst scaling the ones that are. We’re not asking something of you that we’re not prepared to do ourselves. We believe in our ideas, but we are not so precious about them that we won’t cut and change things as needed. We will do what’s necessary to see your business grow.