Our Branding agency: the reinvention of you

For many people, a branding agency is limited to the production of a company logo and the fonts associated with it. In truth, the logo is a small part of the visual representation branding delivers. Your branding should tell the story of who you are, what you stand for and what you are offering. More than a logo, it’s the messages you’re sending, your beliefs and emotive responses, both internally – driven via the company culture and employees – and externally – via the customers, potential customers and wider world.

With the sheer amount of competing information on the web, it is no longer sufficient for brands to shout louder than others in the marketplace about their virtues. Consumers are growing weary of the noise. Instead your branding should permeate in such a way, that your consumer understands your message and values, without them being spelt out. Brand experience is key and our goal is to create such a great experience, that there is less of a need for overt branding or labeling. On one level, the experience should speak for itself.

Our branding process starts with a conversation, not a sales pitch. At Project Simply, we recognise there is a need for a branding agency process that is fluid, changeable and scalable, depending on the type and size of the client. Our thoughts and work are geared around helping a business better engage with their existing audience, and the audience they want to attract.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have

If you’re after new branding, you’ve probably realised that the clothes you’re currently wearing don’t suit you anymore. They may be comfortable but they’re outdated, tired, and are not going to take you where you need to go. Your loyal friends are sticking around but are starting to drop hints. Crunch time hits when they’re allowed into a new exclusive bar, and you’re turned away because of your scruffy jeans and trainers. You need a new wardrobe, and you need help. We’re here to walk you through the process and discover the real you, the look you need and the message you want to send, so that you’re not just let in the club, you’re invited.

What are you wearing?

We look at the facts of where you are now, your company profile, and the types of clients you’re attracting. We look at your strengths and weaknesses, past and future challenges, as well as identifying opportunities missed and won. It’s not just what you’re wearing, but how you’re wearing it. Body language sends a strong message. Are you aware of the message you’re sending through the language of your company? Do you need to work on your posture?


What do people really think?

This is all about people’s perceptions. Having started with the facts, we then move on to informed opinion. We break this down into two categories. The first is establishing internal perceptions of the company. We do this with leadership and team workshops, and questionnaires to uncover what people really think of the business and their position within it. We identify your current culture, beliefs and business personality. The second category is external perceptions. We want to know what your current and potential customers think of you. Are their thoughts aligned with yours? We use this information to assess your current customer profile and identify your perfect customer profile and how they will interact with your brand.

Time to face the mirror

This is the moment when we present your brand profile. Using all the information we’ve gathered, we reflect back a clear definition of who you are, underpinned by your culture, beliefs and motivations. We share with you people’s perceptions; highlighting those that understand and reflect your culture, and those that have missed who you really are and why.

A new you

Once we have a clear picture, we don’t leave you standing exposed. We’re now in exactly the right position to identify who you should be targeting, what you should be saying and how you should be saying it. We define key objectives, tone of voice and key messaging to communicate your brand to your ideal customer. We find the style that’s really suits you and we identify your unique selling points – the bits you should flaunt unashamedly.

The capsule wardrobe

This is our creative moment. Your brand is given its visual identity through font, colour, photographical style, iconography, logo and illustration style. We don’t just leave you to get dressed by yourself either. After our initial input, a defining brand design guidelines document acts as your book of reference, laying out the culture, beliefs and purpose for present and future employees. In other words, we provide a look book, showing you what to wear, when and how to wear it.

branding agency cards

The Branding Agency big reveal

You’ve tried on the clothes and like the fit, you’ve given feedback and we’ve made adjustments as necessary. Now it’s the ‘ta-da’ moment when we reveal the new you. We make sure that the launch of a new brand happens in a joined up approach across print, digital media and internal communications. We manage the new transition in a way that impresses existing customers rather than loses them, as well as attracting new ones.

We don’t pack up our hangers after the big reveal. We make sure your outfit is working and that the messages are being interpreted correctly. We repeat our original process, gathering the facts and the opinions of those people that matter the most – your staff and customers.

We create a successful brand experience by listening, asking the right questions and interpreting the data into a meaningful output. The result is a well defined brand that gets you the job you want.